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EDITOR'S NOTES: Common Challenge--Common Core!

By David Hoffman - Posted Mar 1, 2013
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The Common Core State Standards initiative has taken off! Virtually all states are on board, and, while there is some push-back, inevitably, adoption is going forward. The impact on education, educators, and the ed tech market cannot be underestimated … which is why we are focusing this issue on the subject of implementing those standards.

To start, author James Careless has scoured the ed tech space for guidance, tools, resources, advice, and more on how you, your schools, and your districts can prepare to implement the standards. Think mega-resources, such as the Library of Congress or ASCD’s EduCore. And, per his mandate from us, “Best yet, the following tools are free, courtesy of the institutions and websites that are providing them!” See the first of our two roundup features on the Common Core standards, Effective Web-Based K–12 Common Core Tools … and They’re Free! on page 10.

Then, Victor Rivero has cast a wide net to assemble an annotated list of solution providers—largely from the commercial educational publishing realm—whose content, curricula, services, tools, and resources have all been carefully made Common Core-friendly. His Tools for Learning feature, What Our Schools Have in Common: Technology and Teaching to the Common Core State Standards (p. 14), highlights no fewer than 31 companies and organizations you can turn to. And, equally important, he points you to resources you can use to vet them per your needs.

Elsewhere in this issue, you’ll find our usual collection of product reviews and columnists’ views. Among them, Charlie Doe’s overview and assessment of Compass Learning’s Odyssey K–12, language arts and math curricula that are fully aligned to the Common Core standards (p. 30); Carolyn Foote’s Idea Watch column on live-blogging as an effective learning tool, which has not yet taken off, to Carolyn’s dismay (p. 26); Stephen Abram’s Pipeline column on makerspaces and libraries (p. 18); and Mary Ann Bell’s Belltones column on the meaning—and utility—of memes (p. 24).

Internet@Schools at Computers in Libraries 2013

Of course, we can’t pass up the opportunity yet again in this space to point to our Internet@Schools track at Computers in Libraries in April. The program for the event, which occupies 2 days of the 3-day CIL conference, is online HERE (for Monday) and HERE (for Tuesday). Take a look. We’re covering the flipped learning model, apps for iPads, nonfiction and the Common Core State Standards, ebook publishing in your library, social networking for the library, and open educational resources. Hope to see you there.

David Hoffman , editor

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