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CYBERBEE: Summer Excursions

By Linda C. Joseph - Posted May 1, 2008
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Hundreds of vacation destinations beckon families to visit each year. From battlefields and hiking to hands-on fun such as panning for gold, there is an adventure for everyone. In the classroom, students can prepare for their journey by mapping a route to their chosen vacation spot with maps and markers. Then, measure the distance, calculate travel time, and compare the results to one of the digital map sites such as MapQuest ( Writing skills can also be honed. A journal accompanied by photographs will make a perfect combination for a scrapbook and a memorable show-and-tell about "my summer vacation."

CyberBee has been scouting for excursions that will delight and nurture the minds of all ages. A few of CyberBee’s favorites are presented here.


Touring a battlefield today allows us to view the events through the passage of time. Observing the terrain and listening to park rangers describe the battles moment by moment transcends the history book. At the Battle of Antietam, photographs and monuments spread over acres of land are testaments to the terrible loss of life. At Gettysburg you gain great perspective as to the role of the high ground and how terrifying it must have been for those crossing the fields below. An entirely different encounter started the Revolutionary War at Lexington—the British and the minutemen were within feet of each other when the first shot was fired. Following the road to Concord and back to Boston, you can envision how the militia fought. At the Little Bighorn, the treeless slopes clearly depict how exposed Custer and his men were during their last stand.

Antietam National Battlefield


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