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CYBERBEE: Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

By Linda C. Joseph - Posted Nov 1, 2008
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Trek back in history to the reign of the pharaohs. Uncover the secrets of mummification. Lift the shroud of mystery surrounding the great pyramids. Translate hieroglyphic writing. Open the door to anthropology and archeology through the study of Ancient Egypt. How many mysteries will your students discover and solve?

Ancient Egypt British Museum

Visit the British Museum and discover the land of Ancient Egypt. Learn about Egyptian life through stories, exploration, and a series of challenges. Play the Egyptian board game called Senet. Examine the painting in Nebamun’s tomb. Find geographic coordinates in ancient Egypt. Determine the size of a pyramid. Topics include mummification, pharaoh, pyramids, temples, time, traders, and writing. Do not miss the Staff Room for teachers to assist in finding the resources to meet the needs of students. This site is extensive, engaging, and interactive.

The Ancient Egyptian Culture Exhibit


This article is available in its entirety in a variety of formats — Preview (free), Full Text, Text+Graphics, and Page Image PDF — on a pay-per-view basis, courtesy of ITI's InfoCentral. CLICK HERE.

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