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CYBERBEE: Energy Challenges

By Linda C. Joseph - Posted Jan 1, 2009
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Energy is an essential and, at times, a controversial subject. At EPCOT Center’s Universe of Energy exhibit, the lyrics, "Energy makes the world go round," sum up the role it has in the daily lives of people everywhere. From a global perspective, there are many challenges with the interdependence on energy sources. Nonrenewable energy sources include gas, oil, coal, and uranium. Renewable energy sources include solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, hydro, and the ocean. The debates concerning nonrenewable versus renewable energy will shape government policies that will affect future generations. It is important that students learn about energy sources and the impact these sources have in their own lives.

Alliant Energy Kids

Learn about the basics of electricity and natural gas, includ­ing safety and renewable energy sources. Have you ever wondered how wind becomes electricity? Can you spot the electric hazards you might see outside? Play these games to find the answers. Find projects you can make at home or in the classroom such as a solar oven, anemometer, or pinwheel. Students, who like to color, do puzzles, and test their smarts, can print out a variety of fun activity sheets. Teachers and parents will find lessons on energy safety and conservation. This site is geared to elementary students.

Clark Energy Kids Korner

An abundance of information, complemented by wonderful illustrations, is presented to educate students about the need for energy, its various sources, the need to be efficient, and emergency preparation. Teachers will appreciate the glossary and worksheets. Elementary and middle school students will benefit from this informative site.

EERE: Kids Page


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