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CYBERBEE: A Million Money Ideas

By Linda C. Joseph - Posted Mar 1, 2005
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One of the first concepts young people learn is the value of money in everyday life. From their first allowance to the entrepreneurship of the lemonade stand, students learn how to plan, save, and spend. CyberBee has been busy locating resources that will assist in teaching and learning about money.

The Banking Kids Page

Crosswords, puzzles, and games teach younger children financial literacy. For pre-teens, an interactive simulation allows them to make an ATM transaction and checkbook entries. This is a good site for teaching basic banking skills.

Banking Our Future

Learn to be money-smart through this interactive banking site. The closed-caption interface allows for differentiated learning. At the fourth- and fifth-grade level, an alien lands on Earth and discovers that money is needed to acquire gasoline for his spacecraft. The alien takes the student through the concepts of banking. The elementary level teaches the basics of banking, budgeting, savings, and checking, as well as the power of credit. Middle school students explore budgeting, savings, checking, credit, and investing; high school students learn about CDs, IRAs, and requirements for opening bank accounts. Practical applications geared to the students who are more knowledgeable of the subject are included at each level. The assessments that conclude the lessons provide immediate feedback and are presented in a problem-solving format. This inviting site is well-worth the visit.


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