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BELLTONES: Should We All Be Technophiles?

By Mary Ann Bell - Posted Jan 1, 2007
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In the column immediately preceding this one, I wrote about technophobes versus technophiles and ways to win over colleagues who dislike or fear all things digital. In the course of gathering information, I polled my friends in several listservs, asking whether the problem of technophobia was still an issue on their campuses. Many people replied affirmatively, and I moved on with my piece. One email I received, though, really made me stop and think. It was a message from someone whose work I greatly admire and appreciate—Bernie Poole. He suggested that not everyone must become a technophile, and that many wonderful teachers do very well without that much use of technology in their classes.

He wrote: "If they're truly technophobes, leave them alone, Mary. They deserve their space. They can teach absolutely as effectively the way they know and love as if they were constrained to use high tech." This advice caused me to wonder about the degree to which technology is pushed in schools today and the value thereof.



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