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BELLTONES: Happy New Year!

By Mary Ann Bell - Posted Jan 1, 2011
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Buenos dias, 2011! I am writing this in the Brownsville, Texas, airport where I got stranded due to heavy September rain. Right now, 2011 is not due for 3 more months. But I know that this article will show up in the first issue of the new year. Actually, I have been thinking about new beginnings and resolutions for a month already. The reason for that is that I declared 2010 null and void back in August. Too many glitches! At times it seemed that old 2010 just plain froze up, and I got the feeling that the blue screen of death was imminent.

So I decided to reboot and upgrade. I named September 2010 to be the beginning of 2010 Generation 2, or 2010.2. There were just some things about pre-September 2010 that were not to my liking. First, my good old dog died. Then, there was the bit with surgery and radiation. This summer, there was Dad’s heart attack. 2010 got to be pretty grim. So I kicked it aside and started anew in September, which has always seemed like New Year’s to me due to the beginning of a new school year.

It is now mid-September, and so far, I am more than pleased with the new model 2010.2. No health issues for me! Dad bounced back and is doing amazingly well at age 98! Work is moving along at a manageable pace, and I have great students. I am sticking with this new version until 2011 rolls around.

Part of any New Year kickoff is resolutions, and making them at the beginning of a new school year has always made sense to me. Thus, I set my mind to the task of coming up with some appropriate goals centered on technology. I decided that I need techno-resolutions. Writing them down makes them more binding and harder to forget. So here they are.

Techno-Resolutions for 2011


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