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Teacher One Stop

Posted Mar 1, 2008
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The Company:

Holt McDougal, a division of

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Co.

10801 N. Mopac Expressway, Bldg. 3

Austin, TX 78759

Phone: (800) 225-5425


The new Teacher One Stop offers documents, tools, and multimedia files with search capabilities, technologies, and resources designed to streamline and simplify educators’ planning activities. The program expands on the Holt One Stop Planner (OSP), which was originally launched in 2002 as a CD-based supplementary resource developed to accompany classroom textbooks.

The DVD-based Teacher One Stop program is designed to provide a variety of teacher resources—including Holt’s textbook content and ancillaries—and the tools to manage those resources, reducing or eliminating the need for three-ring binders of tests, favorite resources, and teacher-created materials.

Teacher One Stop materials will be available for every Holt program. The first titles, launching in early April 2008, are Teacher One Stops for Holt Elements of Literature and Holt Elements of Language.

The One Stop program offers all of the related Holt resources for a particular curriculum, as well as assessments and worksheets.

Program features include the ability to edit, adapt, search, and expand the collection of Holt resources. Teachers can add their own materials and save their adaptations of existing materials in a My Resources folder.

Users can select a state on an onscreen map, immediately aligning all of the resources to that state. Once a state is selected, the home page offers categories that enable keyword searching to locate items by author, title, standard, or other descriptors. A Browse window allows educators to examine all of the resources by table of contents, resource type, and a My Resources tab that links to teacher-added materials.

Educators can alter resource descriptions, adding new state standards or notes to help in locating specific resources in the future.

Word documents, image files, sound and movie files, PDFs, and URLs can be added using a straightforward Import Your Own Resources screen. Teachers can tag the added content to assign the same search terms as those used in the Holt materials for standards, resource type, grade, keywords, skills, or alignment to the basal curriculum by chapter and section.

The ability to add and tag resources allows teachers to search the entire library at one time. The teacher-added resources pop up with the material originally contained on the DVD. All of the resources and materials are aligned to state standards.

Upcoming releases include Language Arts Teacher One Stops to be issued throughout the summer of 2008 and Teacher One Stops for government and science programs to be released in late summer.

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