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Standard Deviants School Teaching Systems

Posted Jan 1, 2006
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The Product:

Standard Deviants School Teaching Systems

The Company:

Goldhil Educational

5284 Adolfo Road

Camarillo, CA 93012

Phone: 800/613-0368

Fax: 805/373-1603

Internet: or

The Standard Deviants School Teaching Systems provide multimedia programs and classroom materials in 10 subject areas: Algebra, American Government, Biology, Chemistry, English Grammar, Physics, Basic Math, Nutrition, Shakespeare, and Spanish.

Each teaching system offers video materials in DVD or VHS formats and teacher materials on CD-ROM. Included are classroom notes and games, quizzes with answer keys, graphic handouts and representation of curriculum, correlations to standards, and MARC records.

The American Government package for grades 5 and up features 10 modules: Introduction to Government, The U.S. Constitution, Federalism, Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, The Three Branches of American Government, The Congress, The Executive Branch, The Bureaucracy, and The Judicial System.

The first segment, Introduction to Government, contains a 23-minute video module and a companion CD-ROM with supplementary materials in a PDF format. These include lesson plans, viewing guides, teacher reference guides, student activities, worksheets, and tests.

Among the topics covered are the origins of the American government, types of government, characteristics of the American government, events that occurred before the Constitution was written, the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Con­federation, and the Constitutional Convention.

The Basic Math Teaching System for grades 4 and up offers 10 modules: Integers & Addition, Subtracting Integers, Multiplying Integers, Dividing Integers, Integer Grab Bag, Working with Decimals, Fraction Basics, Adding & Subtracting Fractions, Multiplying & Dividing Fractions, and Ratios & Percents.

The Shakespeare package for grades 7 and up provides 12 modules: Introduction to Shakespeare, What Is Tragedy?, Titus Andronicus, Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet Basics, Hamlet Themes, Othello Basics, Othello as a Tragedy, Macbeth Basics, The Characters of Mac­beth, King Lear Basics, and Approaches to King Lear.

The Spanish Teaching system for grades 5 and up includes 13 modules: The Alphabet & Pronunciation, Capitalization & Accents, Numbers & Counting, Greetings & Small Talk, Using Articles & Pronouns, Using Ser & Estar, Expressing the Time & Date, Talking About the Weather, Using Descriptive Adjectives, Using Demonstrative Adjectives, Using Verbs in the Present Indicative Tense, The Irregular Verbs Tener & Querer and Making Verbs Negative, and Using Possessive Adjectives.

The modules can be purchased separately at a cost of $49.98 each. A complete subject area "Super Pack" offers a 10 percent savings on module costs.

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