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Scantron Achievement Series; Scantron Performance Series

By Kathie Felix - Posted Nov 1, 2004
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• Scantron Achievement Series
• Scantron Performance Series

Scantron Corporation
34 Parker
Irvine, CA 92618

Phone: 8800/722-6876

Together, the Scantron Performance Series and the Scantron Achievement Series provide a complete assessment package designed to help educators diagnose academic strengths and weaknesses, direct instruction to maximize student achievement, and deliver and manage test data.

Scantron Performance Series

The Scantron Performance Series provides Web-based computer-adaptive testing for use as a diagnostic tool, a student placement tool, and for progress reporting. The program is designed to pinpoint proficiency levels instantly, place students in the appropriate programs, report progress, and predict performance on high-stakes tests.

The standards-based testing adapts automatically to individual student instructional levels, providing results immediately. Increasingly difficult questions are generated as students answer correctly; simpler questions are generated as students answer incorrectly.

A variety of reports can be created to identify progress by individuals and specific populations. The test results can be reported at the individual, classroom, school, or district level.

Scantron Achievement Series

The Scantron Achievement Series is a Web-based assessment platform that allows educators to develop and administer tests, capture test results, and produce standards-based reports.

The tests can be made up of teacher-created questions, content from third-party publishers, material from the Scantron bank of more than 15,000 test questions and other content, or a combination of all of these sources. Testing can be administered via the Web or on paper; test results can be accessed immediately.

The Achievement Series platform can align resources to all of the established state standards. Using this feature, educators can determine which items from Scantron's bank of test questions and other material are aligned to a specific state standard.

Students taking the tests have access to virtual learning tools such as a calculator, ruler, compass, and protractor. As with paper-based tests, students can return to questions later or look ahead to answer the questions they find easier to answer.

The platform gives educators a place to meet online to develop and review individual items or tests. The complete test process can be accessed and watched—from draft and testing to measurement and final steps.

Hundreds of report formats are built into the system. Data can be aggregated by class, grade, school, district, or subject—or disaggregated according to reporting requirements. The data can be shared with individual teachers, committees, administrators, public entities, students, and parents—online or on paper—as appropriate.

Kathie Felix, MMIS Managing Editor/News and Reviews Editor

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