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Posted May 1, 2009
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The Product: Saywire

The Company:

Harver Group, LLC
13253 N. La Montana, Suite 203
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

Phone: (888) 471-3461


Saywire offers a combination of safe social technology and secure permission-based controls designed to provide "walled garden" social learning networks for K–12 education.

Schools using the customized Saywire platform can select specific students and educators to participate in an interactive networking experience. No one from the public can gain access.

School staffers can be assigned as site administrators; they can see the activity on the school network and warn students of the consequences of misconduct. Students can control who contacts them and who can read and reply to what they write and do on the Saywire system. The real names of students and teachers appear; there is no user anonymity.

A variety of features are offered, including blogs, calendars, chat rooms, groups, multimedia, pages, profiles, and a Homework Help Wall.

The eNote feature provides an email-like private message system for students and teachers. eNotes can be sent only among individuals approved by the school and authorized by the recipient as a member of his or her personal network. Group distribution lists can be created for larger-scale communications. A new eNote monitoring feature enables communitywide or individual monitoring and approval.

An Activity Wire tracks project-focused student activity, signaling team members to edit each other’s work or make their own contributions. This feature alerts students linked to a personal network whenever others post blog content, comment on discussion boards, create pages, or upload files. The Activity Wire also provides instant links to professional development materials such as newly posted lesson plans, a school’s latest performance audit, or a newly created class wiki page.

The My Network feature provides a personalized list of students and teachers, as well as a way to stay in touch with frequent contacts. The SayMap! provides a threaded discussion area that visually illustrates how ideas are generated and related. The SayWall offers a place to leave brief messages and share news.

A free Saywire trial is available online at  

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