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ST Math: K-5 Integrated Instructional System

Posted Mar 1, 2010
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The Product: ST Math: K-5 Integrated Instructional System

The Company:

MIND Research Institute

3631 S. Harbor Blvd.

Santa Ana, CA 97704

Phone: (888) 751-5443


The web-based ST Math: K-5 Integrated Instructional System includes enhanced math content from MIND's ST Math software, as well as new features for math teaching and learning, assessment, and reporting. The program is whiteboard-ready and provides a range of interactive activities.

The curricular component-the ST Math: K-5 program-offers comprehensive integrated instruction using spatial-temporal reasoning to train students at any level of academic and language proficiency in math concepts, skills, and problem solving.

The core of the learning system features more than 200 activities presenting virtual manipulatives that illustrate math standards and help learners to visualize the structure of a problem and identify paths to a solution. The material can be used to provide core instruction for teachers and students, complementing any third-party instructional materials.

The program's student features include immediate feedback and access to accumulated learning data.

Students can receive immediate animated feedback explaining why their answers to a problem are correct or incorrect. New program options enable students with questions to "virtually" raise a hand privately to ask for a teacher's help. In addition, students are able to access motivating feedback such as data illustrating their learning results. They can track and review their own progress through visual reports that show time on task, changes in mastery over time, and quiz scores.

The teacher options include opportunities for real-time intervention, tightened content alignment, and professional development. Educators can replay and review a problem in real time in tandem with a student via the new virtual "hand-raising" feature.

The program is integrated with state and national standards. All of the content is aligned to state math standards; reporting is provided in terms of the percent of mastery of these standards.

Teachers can assign pre- and post-tests to assess math proficiency and learning, realign content to complement classroom instruction, customize lessons for groups of students, and assign homework.

The system provides real-time access to a variety of data-driven reports that evaluate student mastery of standards, review individual student progress, and identify where interventions are needed.

Districts, schools, and teachers can order and sequence the math content to match textbook, pacing guide, or benchmark schedules.

The program also includes online professional development modules. Support staff and regional or onsite teacher briefings are available.

The ST Math: K-5 Integrated Instructional System will be available as a site license in the summer of 2010.

-Kathie Felix

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