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SMART Board 600 series interactive whiteboard

Posted Nov 1, 2005
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The Product:

SMART Board 600 series interactive whiteboard

The Company:

SMART Technologies Inc.

1207 11th Avenue SW, Suite 300

Calgary,  AB  T3C OM5


Phone: 888/427-6278

Fax: 403/228-2500


The SMART 600 series offers larger screen sizes, an easily accessed Help button, a hardware expansion slot, and new accessories. The line retains all of the popular features of the 500 series, including finger-touch control, the SMART Pen Tray, and the whiteboarding software.

The 600 series ships with SMART Board software 9.1. The line offers new screen sizes of 77, 64, and 48 inches, suitable for installation in larger classrooms and use with more students.

The SMART Pen Tray has been redesigned to hold new ergonomic pens and an eraser; it incorporates a Help button and an expansion slot. The Help button gives quick access to the whiteboard's screen orientation feature and to training and support material. The first expansion accessory is a SystemOn module that provides the simultaneous one-touch start-up of a computer, projector, and SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

The SMART Board Audio System includes a pair of 15-watt speakers that can be mounted on the whiteboard or on the wall. Volume control and an integrated two-port USB hub are located on the speakers within easy reach. The audio system uses a single USB cable to connect both the speakers and the interactive whiteboard to the computer.

Updated accessories for the 600 series include a wireless module that operates on the Bluetooth wireless standard and integrates with AirLiner wireless slates. An improved floor stand offers height adjustments, increased mobility with larger 4-inch heavy-duty locking casters, and stabilizing safety guards.

The SMART Board 600 series interactive whiteboards ship with new ergonomic pens and eraser, USB cable, wall-mounting brackets, and the latest version of SMART Board software for Mac or PC for suggested prices from $999 to $1,999. The floor stand is priced from $429 to $499. Non-profit educational institutions may qualify for a grant through the SMARTer Kids Foundation of Canada, reducing the suggested list price by 25 percent.

The SMART Board Audio System is priced at $299, the SystemOn function kit is $99, and the wireless module is priced at $199.

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