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Incite! Learning Series

Posted Sep 1, 2006
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The Product: Incite! Learning Series

The Company: Don Johnston, Inc.

26799 West Commerce Drive

Volo, IL 60073

Phone: 800/999-4660

Fax: 847/740-7326


The Incite! Learning Series for grades 4-8 offers a set of original short films in an integrated media package that provides anchored instruction for social studies classrooms.

Each package includes: a DVD with five original short films, thought sheets to help students make personal connections to film content, sticky notes for student reflection, a poster to display class thinking, a teacher guide, administrator guide, and an implementation model and strategies.

The films are 5-7 minutes in length and feature young actors in productions designed to help students learn about, identify with, and recall relevant historic events. Each package includes four short films and one time and place introductory film. The material is correlated to state social studies and language arts standards.

The 13 social studies packages are:

Civil War: Life and Times (The 6th New Hampshire, Underground Railroad, Siege at Petersburg, Atlanta Diary)

Civil War: Politics (The Dredd Scott Decision, Reconstruction of the South, The Lincoln-Douglas Debates, Jefferson Davis's Farewell)

Civil War: Battles (Surrender at Appomattox, The First Battle of Bull Run, Battlefield Medicine, The Battle at Gettysburg)

American Revolution: Battles/Events (Battle Realities, Causes of the War, Continental Spy, Yorktown and Victory)

American Revolution: Points of View (Washington's Leadership, British in Boston, Loyalists and Patriots, The French Connection)

Colonial America (Salem Witches, John Rolfe, Jesuit and the Trader, Dragging Canoe and Daniel Boone)

Early American Pioneers (Northwest Fur Traders, Military Life on the Frontier, Oregon Trail, Frontier Farmers)

Lewis & Clark (George Shannon, Lewis and the Bear, Sacagawea, The Lewis & Clark Story)

Age of Discovery (The First Mate's Story, Coming to America, A Deckhand's Life, Navigation)

Industrial Revolution (Owners and Workers, Coal Mine Disaster, On Strike!, Farms to Factories)

World War II (American Pathfinders, Battlefield Medicine, Women at War, Refugees)

Middle Ages (The Lord and the Woodcutter, The Fighting Nobleman, Tournaments, The Black Death)

Roman Empire (The Legionnaire, A Wife's Life, The Roman Army, Politics)

The packages are individually priced at $149.99 per set per site. Subscriptions are available at a cost of $59.99 per set per site for the first year, with a renewal rate of $24.99 per set per site each following year.

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