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ISTE Classroom Observation Tool (ICOT)

Posted Sep 1, 2008
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The Product:

ISTE Classroom Observation Tool (ICOT)

The Company:

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

180 W. 8th Ave., Suite 300

Eugene, OR 97401

Phone: (800) 336-5191


The ISTE Classroom Observation Tool (ICOT) is a free online resource created to help guide teachers, administrators, and other educators as they observe and assess technology integration in classrooms.

ICOT provides a set of questions designed to aid the classroom observation of a number of key components of technology integration. The tool can be used to collect observations to study school programs or curriculum interventions, document the effective use of technology in schools, and share information.

A free registration is required. Registered users can store ICOT data in a secure account on the ISTE server. Multiple observations can be stored and combined in various ways (program, site, observer, classroom, and more) to generate reports. Users can request a variety of analytical reports based on their observations and data that can be downloaded into other programs for statistical analysis and creating tables and graphs. The online ICOT resources include tutorial videos and a downloadable user’s manual.

Classroom observations can be done in classrooms in real time or by using a video archive of lessons such as those at, a digital library of classrooms using technology.

Currently, ICOT is aligned with the first version of NETS•T (the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers). Within the next year, ISTE plans to realign the program with the updated version of NETS•T.

The ICOT webpage is used for downloading and instructions. Once the tool is downloaded, users do not need to return to the site unless they want to download ICOT to another computer. At this point in time, the ICOT program is not available for use with hand-held devices.

ICOT, a free resource available to the entire worldwide educational community, is located online at ISTE members and nonmembers have equal access to the tool.

ICOT is based on observation tools developed since 1998 during ISTE’s work with numerous educational technology initiatives, including the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS), Technology Innovation Challenge Grants, Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers to Use Technology programs, and Enhancing Education Through Technology Grants.

ICOT debuted in July 2008 at the National Educational Computing Conference held in San Antonio. The program is sponsored in part by the Hewlett-Packard Co.

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