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Holt World History: Human Legacy

Posted Jul 1, 2007
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The Product: Holt World History: Human Legacy

The Company: Holt, Rinehart and Winston

10801 N. Mopac Expressway, Building 3

Austin, Texas 78759

Phone: (800) 479-9799


Holt expands its high school social studies offerings with an online edition of Holt World History: Human Legacy, an interactive product with a print counterpart.

Human Legacy emphasizes document-based investigation and teaches students to read like historians, analyzing source documents to create an understanding of historical figures and societies.

The online edition provides Web links and research tools embedded at points of use and in the program’s Resource tabs. Students can choose to “read” the textbook by downloading an MP3 file of the narrated content.

A total of 65 interactive features are offered, including Geography Starting Points maps, videos, artwork, literature, and Web-based activities. A World Almanac and Book of Facts section provides data that is updated continually.

The Holt Researcher feature helps students examine various elements of historic events, such as the French Revolution, in terms of the sociology, economics, government, or even the industry of a particular time period or country.

While studying the French Revolution and Napoleon, for example, students can read about the inequities that angered French workers and drove them to riots and plundering. After reading, students may be asked to analyze paintings, period cartoons, and literature selections and then record their comments in a notebook that can be viewed by the teacher.

All of the program’s Web resources are approved for student use. Outside resources are constantly monitored with durable links and contain a minimum of advertising.

The Holt Grapher feature provides a tool for analyzing the data that students collect in their research. The Interactive Graphic Organizer helps students follow the historic events and create their own explanations of history.

Online quizzes and assessments examine student understanding of the material and provide immediate evaluation of student answers. A single management site for teachers offers access to student assessment data as well as to student answers to guided reading and online activities.

The included Reading Like a Historian World History Toolkit provides teachers with a collection of essays and teaching materials designed to help students become history detectives. The editable teacher resources include activity sheets and exams that can be delivered online or in a print format.

Pricing for the interactive online edition is $16.95 per student for a 1-year subscription and $69.95 per student for a 6-year subscription. The student edition (print textbook) is priced at $69.95. A combination of the student edition in print and the interactive online edition with Live Ink Online Reading Help is $72.95 per student for a 6-year subscription.

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