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Holt Science & Technology Lab Generator

Posted Jul 1, 2006
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The Product: Holt Science & Technology Lab Generator

The Company: Holt, Rinehart and Winston

10801 North Mopac Expressway, Bldg. 3

Austin, TX  78759

Phone: 800/479-9799


The Holt Science & Technology Lab Generator CD-ROM aids the planning and management of science labs for grades 5-8. The disc contains all of the labs from the Holt Science and Technology curriculum, as well as additional labs from the Holt lab bank.

Labs can be identified through searches on any combination of keyword, type, difficulty, lab duration (including multi-day labs), and specific National Science Education Standard. Lab types include Earth, Life, and Physical Science; Quick Labs; Skills Practice; Model-Making Labs, Inquiry Labs, Calculator-based Labs, EcoLab and Field Activities; Labs You Can Eat, and Long-term Projects.

Once the appropriate labs are located, a quick list is provided with links to the specific labs. Each lab includes objectives, materials lists, and safety information. Lab procedures are detailed with step-by-step instructions designed to keep students on task.

The labs can be edited in Microsoft Word and saved into a "My Labs" area. New labs can be created from formatted templates; teachers may add other labs as they choose.

The Lab Generator creates "materials quick lists" based on the total number of students, number of groups, and number of classes. These lists, designed to help in lab preparation and the purchase of materials, include descriptions of materials, quantities needed, and the number in Ward's catalog of science products. When a group of labs are planned, the materials list calculates the total amount of supplies needed for the entire series.

Additional resources include grading rubrics, safety contracts, protocol, and references to National Science Education Standards.

The hybrid CD-ROM includes Macintosh and Windows OS editions. The CD may be installed locally or on a network. An Easy Install option saves only the program onto a computer hard drive.

The single unit cost is $49.95.

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