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Greenovation Lighting System Upgrade & Companion Curriculum

Posted Jan 1, 2009
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The Company: Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

7200 Suter Road

Coopersburg , PA 18036

Phone: (610) 282-3800


Greenovation, a sustainable lighting system upgrade with a companion curriculum, turns the classroom itself into a teaching tool.

The program includes an environmentally friendly lighting monitoring system, "green"-based curriculum resources, a community out­­-reach program, and an online social network. The complete Greenovation package helps schools teach math and science while saving money through energy conservation.

The lighting system upgrade, Balance LC, helps turn classrooms into living laboratories where students can explore issues—such as carbon footprints and sustainability—by using real-time energy use data. The upgrade can cut a classroom’s lighting energy use by as much as 60%. The package includes a classroom set of digitally enhanced ballasts designed to limit the amount of electric current, classroom occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, a teacher control station, and a data monitoring box that uploads real-time energy use data to the Greenovation website.

The companion online curriculum is available in four modules—primary (K–3), elementary (grades 4–6), intermediate (grades 6–8), and secondary (grades 9–12). Each module includes four or five lessons covering topics such as energy, conserving energy, sunlight, light and color, electricity, creating light, lighting systems, and waveforms. Every lesson includes a Flash-based online presentation (with narration) introducing the study topic, a downloadable and customizable PowerPoint presen-tation, lesson plans, out-of-classroom activities for students, and other resources. The modules are correlated to state standards.

The Greenovation community outreach program provides a series of projects that students can adapt to their schools and their communities. The outreach initiatives include fundraisers, community challenges, science fairs, and other activities.

The program’s online social network is designed to enable teachers and students to collaborate on green efforts and to help students stay engaged in the learning process. Classes across the country can implement sustainability projects and participate in environmental contests run by Lutron.

Pricing for the Greenovation lighting system upgrade and companion curriculum begins at $2,500 per classroom.

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