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Elluminate Plan!

Posted Jul 1, 2008
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The Product

Elluminate Plan!

The Company

Elluminate, Inc.

6301 NW 5th Way, Suite 3600

Ft. Lauderdale , FL 33309

Phone: (866) 388-8674


Elluminate Plan! enables educators to pre-package teaching content and interactive activities for use during teacher-led instruction in real time on the internet. The software allows instructors to launch the activities in an online teaching session by clicking an onscreen "Next" button, eliminating concern about the details of initiating and managing the activities during the course of an online class.

With Elluminate Plan!, a teacher can create an online learning session that allows students to work together to research an issue or an answer to a problem. The teacher can design a plan—or use a plan designed by someone else—that contains complex activities such as using breakout "rooms," taking web tours, sharing applications, using polls, taking quizzes, and sharing multimedia content. The Elluminate Plan! software allows the activities to be pre-set prior to the session and orchestrated to engage on cue.

For example, the program can be used for a single-session Animation Tools seminar for a variety of activities including:

The collaborative viewing and critique of an animation

Sending the online students to breakout rooms to brainstorm a problem, return, and present their findings

Taking a collaborative web tour to sites featuring sample animations

Brainstorming techniques the class needs to learn

Starting and ending a recording so that students can review the session later through Elluminate Publish!

Elluminate Plan! is compatible with the Elluminate Live! eLearning and collaboration software and the Elluminate Publish! content distribution tool.

The Elluminate Plan! software automates the process of lesson and lecture planning. The Elluminate Live! real-time tools foster interaction among students and instructors in online sessions. The Elluminate Publish! tools allow the teacher/student interactions to be preserved for later viewing/listening through a variety of distribution channels including websites, MP3 files, CD-ROMs, and email.

The Elluminate tools also allow entry to live and recorded sessions through the existing facilities of learning and course management systems (LMS/CMS), including Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai, and Angel, or through custom portals such as Elluminate Bridges.

Pricing begins at $999 per year for a single classroom for Elluminate vClass and vOffice products that include Plan! and Publish! software. The Elluminate Learning Suite with Plan!, Live!, and Publish! is offered at a cost of $32 per full-time enrollment per year. Volume pricing discounts are available.

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