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Posted Nov 1, 2006
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The Product: CultureGrams

The Company: ProQuest Information and Learning

789 E. Eisenhower Parkway

Ann Arbor, MI 48106

Phone: 800/521-0600


The CultureGrams report series provides an insider's perspective on the daily life and culture of countries across the globe, including background information on customs, lifestyle, and country-specific recipes.

The four-page reports, updated every year, are written and reviewed by in-country experts. Available in print and online editions, each report includes the following:

--Multimedia content such as national anthems, official country names, a currency converter, and current time

--A total of 25 categories that cover each country's background, society, peoples, customs and courtesies, lifestyle, and current events

--More than 40 statistical tables that compare the world's most extreme places (hottest, richest, etc.) in a Top-10 list format

--Printer-friendly PDF formats.

The reports describe individual countries in terms and experiences that students will understand, such as, the time it would take (a few hours) to drive across the width of Chile. The accompanying maps, photos, recipes, and biographies help students place countries in context with the world and with their own culture.

Four CultureGrams editions are available: World Edition, Kids Edition, States Edition, and CultureGrams Online.

The World Edition, for middle school and up, offers reports on 190 countries and their cultures, with categories that include history, economy, family, personal appearance, and gestures. The 2007 edition includes all updated texts, revised texts on 37 countries based on critical reviews, and new reports for East Timor, Liberia, and Palau. Also featured are statistical tables and a glossary with more than 4,000 terms.

All of the 190 World Edition reports are sold individually; each report offers an in-depth view of a single country or territory.

The Kids Edition provides a collection of 78 country reports designed for upper elementary and middle school students. The reports include up-to-date cultural information with images, a historical timeline, and fun facts, as well as sections on History, Population, Life As a Kid, and more.

The States Edition features state reports developed to help upper elementary students understand the diversity and history of each U.S. state and the District of Columbia. The reports include maps, flags, and symbols, as well as sections on history, economy, geography, and population.

CultureGrams Online links users to all of the CultureGrams editions—World Edition, Kids Edition, and States Edition—in a Web-based environment. Online features include a worldwide photo gallery, biographies of famous people, sortable create-your-own data tables, and a recipe collection that includes five local recipes for each country.

Additional information on CultureGrams, including a sample report, can be found online at

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