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Sep/Oct 2013: Features

Interview | Tim Springer: A New Mobile Approach to the Learning Space

Tim Springer (HERO, Inc.), Don Orth (director of technology at Hillbrook School), and Chris Petrick (Bretford Manufacturing) discuss what it takes to create a mobile world for an academic setting, the issues and challenges, advice on managing the process, and the purposes behind it all.

TOOLS FOR LEARNING: It's a Mobile World: But Is It a Mobile World at School?

Yes, it's a mobile world. And educators see great potential with mobile technologies in transforming education. But few schools allow students to use family-owned mobile devices in the classroom.

Sep/Oct 2013: Product Reviews

5D+ GoObserve

5D+ GoObserve is an electronic teacher observation and evaluation tool that was developed in partnership with the Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) at the University of Washington using the 5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning teacher evaluation rubric in the only electronic package currently available.


Teachers use Mobl21 programs to create structured student learning materials. After those materials are transferred to student devices, students can use them anytime, anywhere. Emantras has created communities for sharing teacher-created materials.

ST Math

Spatial-Temporal (ST) Math offers self-paced, language-independent, mastery-based games designed to teach math concepts.


StudyBlue is an online study tool for students offering flash cards, personalized quizzes, study reminders, study stats to measure mastery, and study filters to provide focus.

Sep/Oct 2013: Columns

EDITOR'S NOTES: Mobile Learning--The Ultimate Connected Classroom

THE PIPELINE: Low-Hanging Fruit--Key Components of Learning-Focused Web Presences

For Stephen, the "basic" web presence today for schools is ideally managed by school library staff but also led by a team that involves and seeks input from IT, curriculum leaders, teachers, and students. Check out his list showing the foundation of a good web presence for school libraries.

THE NEW MEDIA CENTER: Classroom-Ready Materials on the Library of Congress Teachers Page

Mary Alice previews a range of classroom materials on the Library of Congress (LC) Teachers page that are created "by teachers for teachers" and that "provide easy ways to incorporate the LC's unparalleled primary sources into instruction."

BELLTONES: Picture This! Using Instagram With Students

One of MaryAnn's favorite things about Web 2.0 applications is the options for working with images. Read all about Instagram, what she does with it, and how you can use it with students.

IDEA WATCH: Making Space for Makerspaces

Makerspaces in school libraries are a natural fit with the mission of the library—and they are springing up in public libraries all over, providing excellent models for school libraries.
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