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Jan/Feb 2013: Features

It's Never Too Late to Flip!

A firm believer in the flipped classroom model, librarian Pat Semple has developed a set of tools that allows her to optimize her time by "flipping" what are traditionally viewed as classroom tasks (lectures) with what are traditionally viewed as homework tasks (researching and writing).

TOOLS FOR LEARNING: Flipping Out--A New Model to Reach All Students All Ways

In this Tools for Learning feature, Victor explores some of the technologies, tools, and platforms that will enable you to succeed in implementing the new flipped classroom teaching and learning model.

Jan/Feb 2013: Product Reviews


Globaloria is a social learning network that enables students to develop STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) knowledge and job skills through game design. It includes a set of simple examples, tutorials, and simulations in a customizable, 1-year curriculum.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a collection of more than 3,500 short instructional videos that provide learning activities in the areas of math, science, computer science, finance, economics, humanities, and test prep.

Knewton Adaptive Learning Platform

Knewton is a technology that transforms any computer or web-based content into a personalized experience for each learner, keeps track of progress, and recommends future study. is a media-hosting tool that enables users to upload videos or images to share information and knowledge on the web in multimedia formats.

Jan/Feb 2013: Columns

EDITOR'S NOTES: The Flipped Learning Model

THE PIPELINE: Workplace Literacy Falling Short--Teachers and Faculty

Most of the attention for information literacy has been directed toward students. But in this column, Stephen explores two initiatives that focus instead on information literacy training in the workplace context through the use of semi-voluntary, self-paced elearning.

THE NEW MEDIA CENTER: Meeting Mania or Mayhem? Scheduling Software Can Help

Finding a common meeting time for just three colleagues can be more work than it should be. Mary Alice looks at several easy-to-use tools that make scheduling easier for media centers that need volunteers and for the volunteers who want to help.

BELLTONES: Plagued by Plagiarism? Here Are Some Antidotes

This month, Mary Ann tackles the subject of plagiarism and how to combat it through creative assignments.

IDEA WATCH: Innobrarians--Librarians as Innovators

Librarians now have opportunities not only to curate information but to be leaders in their schools as innovators and change agents who bring new ideas and tools into the educational mix. Carolyn's got it covered.
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