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Nov/Dec 2017: Features

TOOLS FOR LEARNING - The Maker Movement Matures--3D Printing, Serious Play, and More

The universal appeal of tinkering, creating, making, playing, and learning along the way is an eternal flame that humans in search of something greater will never extinguish. In 2017, we're just getting much better at it! On that note, Victor offers up a whole host of maker movement tools and resources in this wonder-filled area of life, made to order for schools, libraries, and students to explore.

Nov/Dec 2017: Columns

EDITOR'S NOTES: Makerspaces, Future-Watching, and Transitions

THE PIPELINE: Connecting the Dots: An Educator/Librarian’s Charge

In this issue, librarian, educator, and future-watcher Stephen Abram discusses a framework he sees as a brilliant filter with which to view the opportunities in technology and look for patterns aligned with teacher-librarians' real goals.

IDEA WATCH: Trending Now … And Into the Future

Stephen Abram (see just above) isn't our only librarian, educator, and future-watcher! Carolyn Foote also chose to peer ahead at the future of the profession this issue, basing her comments on her own vast experience and on thoughts and writings gleaned from sources such as the book Library 2020 and the Center for the Future of Libraries "Trend Report."
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