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Jan/Feb 2017: Features

TOOLS FOR LEARNING - Project-Based Learning: Engagement, Authenticity, and Collaboration on a Mission

Taking on a common task with others—collaborating in an authentic, engagement type of situation—is not merely busywork. It's either practice for real work, or real work itself! That's what project-based learning offers, and Victor offers lots of PBL-oriented resources.

Jan/Feb 2017: Product Reviews


Bloomz is a free app for facilitating parent-teacher communication in any situation in which educators, instructors, and teachers need to be able to communicate quickly with parents. Bloomz has successfully been implemented in preschools, middle schools, and high schools, as well as adult education programs and PTAs.


Educurious provides an online experience that connects educators, students, and experts through project work using technology.


Expeditions provides virtual field trips to places that include museums and underwater locations, and even ventures into outer space. It is a collection of linked virtual reality content and supporting materials to use with existing curriculum. Using 360-degree panoramas and 3D images, the content annotates images with details, points of interest, and questions.

Jan/Feb 2017: Columns


THE PIPELINE: What’s in the Pipeline? Teacher Librarians as STEAM Vents

True to The Pipeline's mission, Stephen says it's time to look at what's in the pipeline for another year. This column scans the future horizon and predicts some of the juggernauts that will change the world, and not just those technologies that create a fad, without looking at the underlying trends.

IDEA WATCH: School Libraries, Librarians, and Project-Based Learning–“Flexing” Library Spaces for Learning

Carolyn builds the case for flexible library spaces that support authentic inquiry and promote the kind of collaborative energy inherent in effective project-based learning.
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