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Nov/Dec 2016: Features

TOOLS FOR LEARNING - Open for Learning: Open Educational Resources: Ensuring Equity of Access to Education Resources for All Students

Open education, a collective term describing programs and practices that work to broaden access to learning and training traditionally offered through formal education systems, needs initiatives, open materials, and content to succeed. Victor describes the movement, a range of just such initiatives, and pathways to open educational resources in this month's Tools for Learning.

Nov/Dec 2016: Product Reviews

Ascend Math

Ascend Math is a cloud-based intensive math intervention tool that assesses and instructs students based on state academic standards for each grade level. Ascend is designed to meet students at their level so students may work at a lower grade level, fill in gaps, and catch up. Ascend gives each student a short assessment to recommend the level at which the student is best prepared to start work. Students follow the same sequence of study, video, exploration, practice, and post-assessment for each objective.


The basis of all Knovation services and resources is the Knovation Content Collection, an organized collection of quality internet resources for K-12 use. It includes nearly every kind of resource available on the internet—digital, graphic, video, and more—at all age and grade levels for student and professional learning use.


SolidProfessor is an online video training program offering tutorials for CAD users. Guided, hands-on exercises are provided for the user through self-paced learning.

Nov/Dec 2016: Columns

THE NEW MEDIA CENTER: For the Love of Historical Art!

Are paintings primary sources? Can they be the centerpiece of a lesson or interdisciplinary learning? How can maps be paired with paintings? In this month's New Media Center, Mary Alice shares some ideas that illustrate the power of a painting, used alone or paired with another resource to provide a great learning activity.

BELLTONES: In Memoriam–Dr. Mary Ann Bell

Mary Ann's fellow Texas librarian and colleague Carolyn Foote has written this memorial to and appreciation of Mary Ann to fill the void in this, the final Belltones column. Mary Ann recently passed away quite unexpectedly.

EDITOR'S NOTES: Purveyor of Delight, Dr. Mary Ann Bell

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