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Sep/Oct 2016: Features

TOOLS FOR LEARNING - Flipping Forward: An Early Pioneer Shares Successful Actions for Classroom Magic

Victor spoke with a range of luminaries—from the Flipped Learning Network, SolidProfessor, and Techsmith—plus an in-the-trenches educator to illuminate the flipped learning concept and bring you both up-to-speed and up-to-date on "The Key to Flipped Learning."

Sep/Oct 2016: Product Reviews

Defined STEM

Defined STEM helps teachers give engaging, relevant lessons that are cross-curricular and focus on 21st-century skills, differentiate learning, and incorporate nonfiction reading and writing. Defined STEM also provides an authentic assessment of student understanding.


EDUonGo is a cloud-based learning platform for creation of lessons and courses. The system allows integration of a number of programs and external resources and can be used with individuals, single classes, or entire schools.

Kids Discover Online

Kids Discover Online is a library of science and social studies materials that can be used on any device.

Sep/Oct 2016: Columns

EDITOR'S NOTES: Flipped Learning, Political Literacy, and #FutureReadyLibraries!

THE PIPELINE: Political Literacy Can Be Learned!

Says Stephen in this election season: "In today's political environment there is a fog of information. It tests everyone—adult and young adult alike—and our critical-thinking skills. Separating fact from opinion is hard enough. Combine that with public opinion polls, massive quoting of ‘statistics,' personal stories that elucidate and obfuscate, and everyone is overwhelmed by spin-doctoring run amok." But of course, librarians to the rescue!

IDEA WATCH: Getting on Board With the DOE’s Future Ready Initiative

In June, the Department of Education Office of Ed Tech rolled out a new Future Ready Librarian initiative and framework that highlights the ways librarians can accelerate change to help their districts build future-ready schools. Learn more from Carolyn, and get on board!
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