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Nov/Dec 2015: Features

TOOLS FOR LEARNING: Next-Generation Learning Management–Improved Systems for an Improved Educational Experience

LMSs have come a long way. As author Victor notes, today's systems are more accommodating to social learning and collaboration and to mobile learning, allowing for course content delivery, student registration, curriculum management, assessment, reporting, and more.

Nov/Dec 2015: Product Reviews

Gaggle Safe Classroom LMS

The Gaggle Safe Classroom Learning Management System (LMS) promotes student and teacher productivity using current technology and social media. Teachers can create, assign, collect, and correct digital worksheets, such as assessments, assignments, tests and quizzes, and increase student engagement and performance through email, texting, blogs, and other LMS features.

Modular Management System for Schools

MMS is a fully integrated student information system that lets the user manage daily operations of a school or district.

Skyward Student Management Suite

The Skyward Student Management Suite is a student information system focusing on tools for office and administration, family engagement, student services, and the classroom.

Nov/Dec 2015: Columns

IDEA WATCH: Far Beyond Makerspaces—Reinventing Libraries for the Future

This issue, Carolyn has her eye on trends in the evolution of libraries as institutions and how librarians can provide the leadership to take their libraries, students, and schools toward that future.

THE PIPELINE: Strategies Make a Difference

Strategy, writes Stephen, is about goals and change—what we do to make the future different and better than today. But strategizing and implementing aren't easy. To smooth the way, this month Stephen provides tactics and ideas to help you develop and reach your strategic goals.

EDITOR'S NOTES: Managing it all

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