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Sep/Oct 2015: Features

TOOLS FOR LEARNING: Global Outreach 2015: Tools for Tapping Into the Worldwide Classroom

Victor takes the tack that "We are not alone," given recent projections about the number of Earth-like planets out there in solar systems in our galaxy ... and other galaxies. And so, he posits, we'd better get our own house in order before making contact! To that end, he offers an updated list of internet-based tools and resources your students can tap to learn about us and our world.

Sep/Oct 2015: Product Reviews


Brainly is a social learning network connecting middle and high school students who ask questions and teach each other how to answer homework and schoolwork questions.


ePals Global Classroom, ePals Clubhouse, and ePals SchoolMail365 and the ePals Global Community facilitate learner connections around the world with safe and secure educational communities. These provide excellent digital content and foster collaboration between classrooms. Digital content aides self-study, and work can be shared between classes.


iEARN is a nonprofit global network that enables teachers and youth to use the internet and other technologies to collaborate on projects worldwide.

Sep/Oct 2015: Columns

EDITOR'S NOTES: The Need to Know, or to Be Able to Find Out

THE NEW MEDIA CENTER: Media Center Design Principles Worth Fighting For

Mary Alice has been involved in many media center designs over her long career. This month, she discusses design ideas that enable school libraries to function well upon being redesigned   and  to continue to function well as needs change!

BELLTONES: Can We Be Purveyors of Delight?

Drawing on ideas she gleaned from two keynote speakers at last spring's Computers in Libraries conference, Mary Ann picks up on a theme she loves and believes in: Librarians need to be seeking ways to bring joy, delight, and good old-fashioned fun to our students and colleagues.
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