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May/Jun 2015: Features

TOOLS FOR LEARNING: Tools and Tactics to Measure Students’ Mastery of the Common Core Standards

Like them or not, after years of development and adoption, 2014-15 marks implementation year for CCSS. In the assessment realm, there are innovative solution providers out there, many with die-hard educators among their ranks, that have toiled tirelessly toward authentically improving learning and assessment for students and teachers. Victor walks us through a range of them.

May/Jun 2015: Product Reviews

Acuity CCR Online Assessments

Acuity CCR Online Assessments are online or pen and pencil tests that are created from a bank of items written to the Common Core State Standards and the specifications of the consortia. Acuity CCR Assessments mirror the blueprint, rigor, item types, and look and feel of the Partnership of Assessment for College and Career Readiness (PARCC).


Edulastic is a formative assessment platform to support student mastery of the Common Core State Standards.


MasteryConnect is a software tool for identifying levels of student understanding to improve learning and instruction by assessing and tracking mastery of state and Common Core standards.

May/Jun 2015: Columns

THE PIPELINE: Next Up--Beacons!

This month Stephen writes about some technology that is just entering the pipeline and has the potential to change everything … yes, again ... in libraries, in schools, in retail, and in every community engagement space.

IDEA WATCH: Wear to Learn!?! Wearable Technology—Promises and Problems

From the Apple Watch to Fitbits to tech jewelry, the wearable technology market is beginning to take off. Other than geeking out at what will be possible with wearables like some futuristic fantasy out of a sci-fi movie, how does this apply to schools?

EDITOR'S NOTES: The Common Core State Standards … Again

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