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Jan/Feb 2015: Features

Grazing, Looping, and Skimming: Understanding Students’ Digital Habits

The digital and research habits that students learn online-in and out of school-influence their expectations for the resources they use in the course of their research. EBSCO user experience researcher Deirdre Costello and her team have delved into those habits and lay out their findings—and how they can help you as a librarian—here.

Jan/Feb 2015: Product Reviews

CueThink is an iPad app that provides guided instruction in math problem-solving skills for middle and high school students.

Gradeable is an online program that allows educators to grade student work using a printer/scanner, computer, and internet access.

Skaffl, LLC

The Skaffl app is designed for iPad classrooms to allow teachers to distribute and collect assignments digitally. Students can complete their assignments and teachers can assess them all directly on Skaffl.

Jan/Feb 2015: Columns

EDITOR'S NOTES: Today's Digital Students, Their Digital World, and Our Libraries

THE PIPELINE: Influence--Real Makerspaces in School Libraries

Makerspaces: flashy trend or core to school libraries' mandate? Stephen asks the question, explores "making" in depth, and, unsurprisingly, urges you to support all types of spaces and the maker movement.

IDEA WATCH: Ebooks–What Can We Learn From Students?

Ebook usage is taking off rather slowly in school libraries as compared to public libraries. With that in mind, Carolyn has dug into nationally gathered data on students and ebooks and is in the process of gathering and analyzing more locally. Learn how she's proceeding and what she's learning in this issue's Idea Watch.
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