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May/June 2014: Features

TOOLS FOR LEARNING: Learning by Design--Common Sense, Common Core, and Tools for a STEM to STEAM Approach

With increasingly widespread adoption and integration of Common Core's Next Generation Science Standards and Visual and Performing Art Standards, and with educators seeking solutions to combine the best features in a cross-discipline approach to science and the arts, the time for STEM to STEAM has come.

May/June 2014: Product Reviews

Drawp for School

Drawp for School is a children's iPad app that fosters self-expression and communication. Using the app, kids can create and share art using creativity tools and the app's SimpleShare technology.


MimioScience consists of interactive whiteboard units currently comprising 76 units and 224 lessons based on Next Generation Science Standards.

The Radix Endeavor

The Radix Endeavor is an educational MMO game in development funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. A MMO game is a massively multiplayer online game that must be played online and can be played by thousands of students at the same time.

May/June 2014: Columns

EDITOR'S NOTES: Common Core Standards, Creativity, and Innovation

THE NEW MEDIA CENTER: Ten Titles for Your Professional Growth and Collection

It's tempting to ignore collection development when funds are limited and much is online, but a carefully selected, up-to-date professional collection is helpful for media specialists who present information to administrators and school boards or collaborate with teachers. In this month's column, Mary Alice takes a look at 10 titles for today's media specialist.

BELLTONES: What About the Kids?

Mary Ann has written in the past about schoolteachers and librarians coping with hard times resulting from budget cuts. But lately, in view of standardized testing and mandates for scripted lessons, she has been worrying about the children, too many of whom, she feels, are unhappy at school right now.
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