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May/Jun 2012: Features


As textbooks give way to digital content and the Common Core standards ripple outward across more than 45 states, how best to align instruction with learning goals and assessments is an issue that lingers on educators' minds. These companies understand this well and have provided tools to help.

Why Technology Is Essential in Curriculum and Content Alignment

Compass Learning's Ann Henson asserts that a fulfilling educational experience starts with curriculum alignment and content, and that technology will play an increasingly important role in the interplay between the two.

May/Jun 2012: Product Reviews

Britannica Pathways: Science

Britannica Pathways: Science brings the full weight of Encyclopaedia Britannica's outstanding and extensive resources to bear in this supplemental tool for middle school science instruction. It consists of a guided discussion that helps students form hypotheses, which they research. Then, the hypotheses are checked with basic, multiple-choice quizzes and a follow-up activity.

Common Core 360

Common Core 360 is a professional development program designed to help classroom teachers align math and language arts curricula to the Common Core Standards.

Insight 360

Insight 360 is an integrated system of mobile, interactive hardware, and intuitive software that delivers formative ongoing assessments to track student progress.


LearnZillion is a learning platform that combines video lessons, assessments, and progress reporting with each lesson highlighting a common core standard. Teachers can assign lessons to classes or individuals when remedial or enrichment math work is needed.

May/Jun 2012: Columns

EDITOR'S NOTES: Curriculum and Content Alignment

THE PIPELINE: Planning for the Future--Shades of Gray, Plaid, and Paisley

We need to encourage debates, pilots, and experiments in the learning space that are not couched in terms of black and white, but that focus on opportunities in the gray zone, according to Stephen (and many others).

THE NEW MEDIA CENTER: What Is It About The Oregon Trail? -- Letting Learners 'Drive'

The Oregon Trail! Ask a group of adults about this memorable computer game and often they mention how this type of program motivates by putting kids in charge of their own learning.

BELLTONES: Communication Gravitation--Which Environment Is Best?

With the advent of Web 2.0, our options to connect with colleagues online have increased dramatically. Each environment has vehement detractors as well as loyal fans. Mary Ann and her survey respondents weigh in!

IDEA WATCH: The Power of Gaming--Student Engagement, Buy-In, and Fun

Carolyn Foote, our newest columnist, recently attended the South by Southwest Education Conference in Austin, Texas, where she was intrigued by the ideas of author and game designer Jane McGonigal. That got Carolyn thinking about the emotional benefit we get from game-playing.
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