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Sep/Oct 2011: Features

Electronic Resources and Etextbooks in the High School Curriculum: Creating a Flexible, Inclusive, Dynamic 21st Century Classroom

Teacher and information technology integrator Craig McMichael reports on successful efforts at his school to integrate Cengage Learning ebooks and other electronic resources into the everyday fabric of learning … largely in place of print-based textbooks.

TOOLS FOR LEARNING: An Ebook Update—The Latest Sources, Resources, and Options

The e-everything revolution charges ahead in the education realm. This month, Victor Rivero reprises and updates the discussion he started last year in his article "E Is for Explosion: E-Readers, Etextbooks, Econtent, Elearning, E-Everything."

Sep/Oct 2011: Product Reviews


Quizlet is a flashcards and study games website offered in multiple languages, with visuals and voice in some languages. All flashcards are user-generated. Quizlet contains elements of social networking to promote learning through groups and a blog.

Room 21, from Super Star Learning

Room 21 is an online learning management system designed to bring education into the 21st century. Students take online classes, and teachers design lessons to capture the spirit of 21st-century learning. Designed as a social learning platform, Room 21 provides tools for parents, students, principals, and teachers to collaborate, and it supports comprehensive skills needed to meet the challenges of the Common Core State Standards.

Smart Science, from ParaComp, Inc.

In Smart Science labs, students interactively collect data from real-world videos. Students predict results and then compare the results to their predictions. Teachers review the students' work.


Sokikom is a single-player, skill-based math program that adjusts activities to individual students.

Sep/Oct 2011: Columns

EDITOR'S NOTES: Mainstreaming the Etext

THE PIPELINE: School Library/Public Library Partnerships

As you start the school year in this era of economic challenges, Stephen offers a range of strategies for partnering with your local public library.

THE NEW MEDIA CENTER: Subscription Databases in the Age of the Internet--A Problem With Easy Solutions

It is disconcerting when a school or state purchases valuable resources and usage is low. Mary Alice says the start of the school year is a good time to begin overcoming nonuse.

BELLTONES: Terrific Tried and True Techie Teachers!

Mary Ann decided she wanted to know more about her peers—educators "of a certain age"—and their level of adoption of computer technology in education. One informal survey and a large number of responses later, she has her answer.

THE TECH EFFECT: Teacher, Adventurer, Citizen of the World--Choosing the Road Less Traveled

Johanna continues her examination of technology infusion in global educational settings with a look at how a "retiring" educator took up a teaching challenge at the City of Knowledge in Panama.
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