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May/Jun 2010: Features

A LOOK AT ... Subscription Websites

Subscription web services for education offer a fascinating variety of products and approaches for teachers, parents, students, and school systems. Some services provide grade book and student information systems, others offer assessment and learning management platforms, and some feature classroom resources including lesson plans, videos, digital tools, activities, and games. This article takes a look at a representative sampling of subscription-based websites that are appropriate for use in K-12 classrooms.

Security in a Web 2.0-Based Educational Environment: Issues and Answers—Part 1

It's clear that concerns about internet risk and the ineffective way in which schools are now trying to manage internet use are a major barrier to moving schools forward to embrace 21st-century learning environments. Nancy Willard says it's time for schools to address these issues in a more comprehensive manner. In this two-part article (Part 2 will appear in the next issue), she outlines how cyber-savvy schools can embrace the future.

TOOLS FOR LEARNING: Safety, Security, and Access

In this age of technology-enabled openness, how much protecting is too much? And, going further, if our students are completely isolated from the benefits of the information age, will they ever learn? In this month's Tools for Learning feature, Victor Rivero examines some products, services, and solutions that address the question "How can our students stay safe and secure while simultaneously getting access to rich learning resources—and continue to fall in love with learning?"

May/Jun 2010: Product Reviews

Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS Digital Camera

Charles Doe takes a look at the Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS Digital Camera.

Lost Nation: The Ioway

Alice Kurtz discusses "Lost Nation: The Ioway," an interactive DVD that allows students to explore the plight of one tribe of Native Americans as Europeans moved westward across the North American continent.

School Town

Susan Hixson reviews School Town, an online collaborative learning resource.

May/Jun 2010: Columns

EDITOR'S NOTES: Safety, Security, and Access

THE PIPELINE: Thinking About Ebooks

The ebook juggernaut is moving along like a train with no brakes, and it's raising so many issues. For this month's Pipeline column, Stephen Abram thought it would be useful to put down his thoughts on the subject, how users and learners will need to adapt, and how libraries and schools may need to adapt as well.

THE MEDIA CENTER: Weeding, From Alphabet Books to Zip Drives

If you have been diligently weeding your media center, there may not be books full of dust bunnies or obsolete technology around. But for many media specialists, weeding is a continuing need and a frequent topic of inquiry in discussion groups such as LM_NET. In Mary Alice's state group, there are often questions about what to do with specific items such as VHS tapes or offers to sell AV equipment or materials. Get your garbage cans ready as she examine the task of weeding in this month's Media Center column.

BELLTONES: Who Cares What Everybody Else Thinks? I Do!

For the last several years, Mary Ann has enjoyed using many online tools designed specifically for the purpose of conducting surveys. These are great for professional use by librarians and teachers. She started, she says, with SurveyMonkey and really took off with it. In this month's Belltones, Mary Ann discusses a selection of survey tools, and examines ways educators and students can use them.

THE TECH EFFECT: A New Kind of Book Club

Teachers are entrusted to provide a broad and lasting education to their students. That means, in part, exposing them to both many forms and many formats of literature. If we can help them to see the connections between those formats, then all the better. When we can lead them to see, understand, and thoughtfully combine print and nonprint formats as tools for their own expression of ideas and mastery, then we have begun to arm them with the tools necessary for lifelong learning. The faculty and staff of Chets Creek Elementary School in Jacksonville, Fla., have managed to do just that, as Johanna Riddle demonstrates in this month's Tech Effect column.

May/Jun 2010: In the Spotlight

eLibrary Science

ProQuest's eLibrary Science provides online science content, tools, videos, and manipulatives designed for use with both mainstream and AP (advanced placement) science courses.
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