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Nov/Dec 2007: Features

A LOOK AT ... The Podcasting Phenomenon

The speed at which podcasting is spreading is phenomenal! This versatile technology is entering the educational arena almost as fast as it entered the technology mainstream a while ago. Podcasts allow students and teachers to easily share information. An absent student can download the podcast of a recorded lesson. Teachers or administrators can communicate curriculum, assignments, and other information with parents and the community. Both video and audio podcasts offer a new and fresh way of presenting reports. In this month's Look At ... roundup, Charlie Doe gives you the what, the how, and the why of this phenomenon.

Online-Learning Communities: The Next Generation of Professional Development

With the growth of Web technologies, the availability of high-quality professional development for educators has increased significantly. There are numerous benefits to professional development for educators, including increased job satisfaction, career advancement, better pay, and improved student learning. However, there are significant challenges that often impede them from pursuing opportunities that will contribute to their growth, such as convenience and affordability. Professional development delivered in an online-learning environment removes many of the constraints associated with traditional forms of professional development.

Virtually a New Way of Learning: Video and Simulations as Teaching Tools [Available Full-Text, Free]

With end-of-grade, back-to-basics, multiple-choice testing for the masses and mechanical instruction methods, there’s growing concern that children are not learning to problem solve as much as they are mastering memorization of isolated facts in order to answer test questions. Yet, when they get home from school, children eagerly devour new information and concepts through the virtual environments of video games. In what I call a stealth-learning environment, children develop skills that connect and manipulate information in the virtual worlds of video games without really knowing that they’re learning.

Nov/Dec 2007: Product Reviews

Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2008

Charles Doe reviews the tool package that includes Encarta Premium, Encarta Kids, Microsoft Math, Learning Essentials and more.

Rapid Resources

Susan Hixson reviews Rapid Resources, an online teacher's tool for differentiating instruction.

START EDITING NOW! Classroom Workshop Edition

Charles Doe reviews a DVD-based program designed to illustrate editing techniques and principles.

Tool Factory Podcasting

Sally Finley reviews Tool Factory Podcasting, a Windows-based program that provides the tools needed to create and publish podcasts.

Nov/Dec 2007: Columns

EDITOR'S NOTES: Preparing for the Future

CYBERBEE: Physics is Phun

This month, Cyberbee prompts you to enter the wild world of physics, where appearances and logic are often turned upside down. Understanding the underlying concepts is essential for uncovering the magic of physics. It can be a thrilling adventure for students as they discover lots of cool methods for lasting knowledge. Browse these Web sites and discover a variety of interactive simulations, experiments, and ideas to use in your classroom.

THE PIPELINE: K-12 Reference Work--Learning NOT to Answer Their Questions [Available Full Text, Free]

There are many ways to teach information literacy—the formal classroom way, library visits, team and project-based methods, and more. No matter how you define "reference work" today, it likely involves the process of accessing print and electronic sources, understanding a variety of containers from books and videos to Web sites and serials, understanding how to ask questions of people in person and virtually through search engines … as well as questions of ourselves. It's more than just a research skill. True information literacy has emerged as one of the defining life skills of our century. Building citizens who can learn and inform themselves throughout their lives in a new century of predictable massive change is the Holy Grail of our era.

THE MEDIA CENTER: The Technology P’s

In keeping with the often practical nature of this column, this month Mary Alice addresses how a simple lesson became a successful unit and how it supports information and technology literacy standards: Sometimes the most successful teaching efforts are those teachable-moment lessons that arise unexpectedly to meet an immediate need. The "Technology P's lesson" is one of those.

BELLTONES: Celebrating Communicating--Email Is Still the Killer App

Email as a means of online communication has been around since the beginning of online communication. In fact, according to Ian Peters, it even predates ARPANET. He describes its infancy as a tool called, appropriately, MAILBOX, which was used as early as 1965 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Today it is used by hundreds of millions of people. Mary Ann Bell asserts in this month's Belltone's that it's still the killer app!

Nov/Dec 2007: In the Spotlight

Radiosophy HD100

The Radiosophy HD100 is an HD radio receiver and digital AM/FM clock radio developed and distributed by a team of former Gateway Computer employees.
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