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Mar/Apr 2007: Features

A LOOK AT ... Secondary-Level Software and Webware

Moving right along, Charlie switches from last issue's Look At ... Elementary-Level Software and Webware to secondary-level materials this time ... "everything from exciting new software for video-editing tasks that weren’t really possible in high schools 20 years ago to extraordinary subscription databases," plus "Web-based courseware that is becoming larger and larger in scope, more sophisticated assessment tools, and some programs with intriguing electronic delivery methods."

Library Resources: A Critical Component to Online Learning [Available Full-Text, Free]

As online learning has become commonplace at universities throughout the country, the option is now being explored to a greater degree by teachers and administrators at the secondary and elementary levels. Nancy Rohland-Heinrich and Brian Jensen take you through the state of the art of online learning in this feature, with special emphasis on the role of media specialists in supporting and furthering it.

School Librarians Help Students Achieve: Here’s the Evidence!

In an article originally published in The Golden Key, the journal of the Hawaii Association of School Librarians (HASL), in fall 2006, Violet Harada, of the University of Hawaii’s Library and Information Science Program, and her colleagues write on a collaborative venture to further librarians’ roles in assessment of learning.

Mar/Apr 2007: Product Reviews

First in MATH

Sally Finley reviews First in MATH, a Web site that provides access to the 24 Game series, mathematics fact practice, test preparation, and critical thinking skills activities.

Great Source iwrite

Charles Doe reviews Great Source iwrite, a free Web-based writing resource for grades 5-12.

Virtual History - Ancient Egypt

Alice Kurtz reviews Virtual History - Ancient Egypt, a CD-based computer simulation designed to allow students to experience life in the Egypt of 4,000 years ago.


Susan Hixson reviews WebLesssons, an online multimedia resource that replaces the typical browser window with a student learning path.

Mar/Apr 2007: Columns

EDITOR'S NOTES: School Librarianship in the New Era

CYBERBEE: Healthy Choices

Given the health issues facing children today, Cyberbee has decided to provide you this month with an array of reliable Web-based sources of information for you--or them--to use in pursuit of knowledge and healthy choices.

THE PIPELINE: Shooting Themselves in the Foot

In the world of education, writes Stephen Abram in this month's Pipeline, "the best path is to start by asking ourselves a simple question: ‘What will [our students'] world look like?'" Walling tools and components of the Internet—which will be a part of their world—out of our schools doesn't sound to Stephen like following the best path. So, being an affirmative fellow, he offer a turnaround policy!


Mary Alice Anderson has compiled the results of an informal survey she did among school librarians on the subject of e-scheduling, concluding that "Clearly, e-scheduling is the choice of many media specialists and appreciated by teachers." Read the details and collected wisdom in this month's Media Center column.

BELLTONES: Featuritis Fever and Gizmo Flu!

In recent Belltones columns, Mary Ann Bell has discussed technophobia and technolust. Now her thoughts have turned to another complaint. While not as debilitating as technophobia, which keeps victims from feeling comfortable with any technology, featuritis is a condition that keeps many users from making friends with the devices they use. Read on to find out why, and what to do about it.

Mar/Apr 2007: In the Spotlight

GenevaLogic Vision Kits: Classroom Computer Management Software

Three new GenevaLogic Vision Kits provide individual classrooms and entire schools with classroom management tools for effective computer teaching.
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