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Jan/Feb 2007: Features

A LOOK AT ... Elementary-Level Software and Webware

This article begins with a look at some examples of the excellent smaller, more narrowly focused elementary programs available on CD and moves on to examples of some of the outstanding, more far-reaching programs available via the Web or a network of some type. As usual, Charlie Doe has the category covered in this latest roundup. as the Librarian’s Assistant for Book Analysis

While you might not have noticed,’s online bookstore section is supplying some excellent reading analysis resources that can be useful for teachers and students. Using its online abilities for providing more information than a regular “in-person” bookstore can, has added extra features to the information that it provides about its books. Terry Cavanaugh takes you through these features in his article, and shows you many useful ways to press them into service.

An Author in Every Classroom [Available Full-Text, Free]

Multimedia online technologies now offer an unprecedented ability to enable every student, teacher, and even every family to "meet" the authors of books they are reading. If you have ever seen an author speak or have hosted authors in your school, you have experienced the impact meeting an author has on a personal relationship to a book. It humanizes the book, it reveals the person and personality that created it, and more. This article highlights specific ways you can replicate these personal connections to authors and illustrators by optimizing a variety of multimedia and online technologies.

Creating a Broadcasting Empire … From the Corner of Your Classroom!

Podcasting is emerging as one of those technological diamonds in the rough that has the potential to reshape the way we look at the Internet, mass media, and ourselves. With a multimedia computer, easy-to-use recording software, and some storage space on the Internet, everyone can build a podcasting production center of their very own. Podcasting is headed for a classroom near you, so read Dan Schmit's feature to be ready for it!

Jan/Feb 2007: Product Reviews


John Drag, Jr. reviews Math'scool, a pre-algebra program that can be used with students in grades 3-8.

Rand McNally Classroom

Susan Hixson reviews Rand McNally Classroom, a Web site designed for teaching the K-12 curriculum in social studies, history and geography.

Super Size Me: Educationally Enhanced DVD

Sally Finley takes a look at the Super Size Me: Educationally Enhanced DVD, a combination of the award-winning documentary and interactive learning features for students in grades 6-12.


Charles Doe reviews WriteBrain, a Web-based multimedia writing program.

Jan/Feb 2007: Columns

EDITOR'S NOTES: Technology-Fostered Creativity

CYBERBEE: Keeping Safe in Cyberspace

The Internet has changed the way students learn and communicate. With the click of a mouse, they can instant message one another, work together on projects, download all kinds of multimedia files, and post to blogs, Web sites, and RSS feeds. Access to people and information enhances instruction, but what happens when the "dark side of the Internet" sneaks around the corner and into the classroom or home? In this column, Cyberbee points to lots of resources that can help.

THE PIPELINE: Justifying the Social Tools--Improving the Conversation

Mindful of the safety and security issues surrounding social networking, Stephen Abram nontheless has plenty of good to say about the popular phenomenon. In this month's Pipeline, he talks about, and guides readers to resources about, positiveeducational uses of social networking.

THE MEDIA CENTER: Moving a Boatload

Mary Alice Anderson notes she has survived one of two big media center moves her district is making this year and is currently experiencing the third such move of her professional career. Given that background, plus a good sense of what worked and what didn't, this month she offers sage advice on moving a media center.

BELLTONES: Should We All Be Technophiles?

Mary Ann continues this month to ponder the question of when, whether, and how to use technology in teaching and learning. After all, she notes, her friend Bernie Poole stands up for technophobes in certain cases, writing to her: "If they're truly technophobes, leave them alone, Mary. They deserve their space. They can teach absolutely as effectively the way they know and love as if they were constrained to use high tech."

Jan/Feb 2007: In the Spotlight

World Book Kids

An online product designed for younger users, English-language learners, and reluctant readers, World Book Kid offers simple navigation, easy to read content, bright colors, and bold graphics.
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