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Sep/Oct 2005: Features

A LOOK AT ... Products for Science Teachers

The very nature of science as an ever-changing discipline requires timely and updated tools to deliver instruction within the science classroom. Technology programs provide the perfect solution to engage today’s students in scientific inquiry. This article covers science software in the categories of standards-driven teaching, simulations, inquiry, and science tools.

Streaming Video: Why to Do It, How to Do It, and Where to Get It

Librarian Jan Ross learned to understand and appreciate streaming video when her school became a pilot site for a program to implement video streaming in instruction. Her article offers information, advice, resources, and more for those of you who want to take advantage of the very effective medium of video on demand.

Technology and Textbooks: Cutting-Edge Early Literacy Technology

This article examines a sampling of cutting-edge early literacy products for a variety of uses: full curriculum, limited computer access, adaptive computer-based instruction, large and Web-based programs, Reading + Writing and ESL, and home or school. Keep in mind that this is not an attempt to cover the entire category; these programs were selected as good examples of their types.

Visual Learning: Using Images to Focus Attention, Evoke Emotions, and Enrich Learning [Available Full-Text, Free]

In this story, Mike Lambert and Margaret Carpenter, educators at Hong Kong International School, outline a range of approaches that “harness the power of images” in their teaching. Among the article subheads: Digitize ... Then Verbalize; Iconize ... Then They’ll Memorize; Use Visual Prompts to Encourage Creativity and Lateral Thinking. There’s also a sidebar of some brief stories from vendors whose products tap into visual learning.

Sep/Oct 2005: Product Reviews

EcoLog XL

Sally Finley reviews the EcoLog XL portable data logger.


Charles Doe reviews FASTT Math, software available on CD-ROM for network and stand-alone use.

Key Skills for Reading: Vocabulary Development

Susan Hixson reviews Key Skills for Reading: Vocabulary Development, a multimedia program on CD-ROM for grades 1-3.

Read & Write 7.1E Gold

Charles Doe reviews Read & Write 7.1E Gold, a floating toolbar designed for use withWindows-based software programs.

Sep/Oct 2005: Columns

EDITOR'S NOTES: New Phenomena, New Technologies, New Relevance

CYBERBEE: We the People: Constitution and Citizenship Day

Linda Joseph's CyberBee offers a wide assortment of resources to help you with activities for your class in support of Constitution and Citizenship Day, coming up this month.

THE PIPELINE: Playing to Learn! Meet and Greet the New Interactive Technologies

In recent months, there’s been a revolution in interactive technologies—both in their design and in their cost. In this month's Pipeline, Stephen Abram takes a look at some of them, laying out an area in the free Web playground where learning can happen. "The swings are IM," he says, "the teeter-totter is podcasting, the slide is Skype, and the merry-go-round is JYBE."

THE MEDIA CENTER: Start the Year Right with Digitally Native Teachers

Much has been written about the challenges “digital immigrant” teachers—those who have come later to technology—face as they work with digitally native students. But what’s it like to work with digitally native teachers? Mary Alice Anderson has noticed some consistencies among this first generation of educators to grow up with technology. This article reflects insights from other media specialists and educators as well as her own experiences working with new teachers and innumerable university students each year.

LEARNING UNLEASHED!: Final Preparations— Logistics, Training, and Policy

Trevor Shaw documents their plans in anticipation of "deployment," as the the first day of the 2005–06 school year and the initial rollout of their student tablet PC program approach.

Sep/Oct 2005: In the Spotlight

Sagebrush InfoCentre

Sagebrush InfoCentre provides site-based library automation and the flexibility to streamline processes to capture most of the cost savings found in a centralized system.
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