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Jul/Aug 2005: Features

A LOOK AT... Products for Math Teachers

Math teachers and their students have a huge number of instructional, testing, tutorial, and other materials available in a bewildering array of formats. Programs and services are offered as software for personal computers or hand-held devices, on stand-alone handhelds and calculators, and as Web-based subscription services. This article takes a look at some of the instructional, testing, and tutorial software or Web-based programs and services for math teaching.

DATABASE NEWS: What’s There and What’s Coming Up in the World of K–12 Content, Part 2

In Part 2 of his Database News series, Robert Congleton looks at the products offered by Facts On File, Greenwood Electronic Publishing, netTrekker, NewsBank, and World Book.

E-Book Resources for the School Library [Available Full-Text, Free]

For this article, Audrey Church surveyed a number of e-book providers about their offerings to demonstrate the breadth and depth of the free and fee-based e-book content that's available today, as well as the sophisticated ways that content can be presented, searched, and otherwise worked with. Read on to see what's available from Project Gutenberg, Great Books Online, International Children's Digital Library, Gale Virtual Reference Library, Greenwood Publishing Group-eBooks, Follett Library Resource Company, Questia, and more.

The Voice of the Vendors: Futures in School Library Automation, Part 2

This article—Part 2 of Barbara Fiehn's two-part series on a group of library systems vendors that are active in the K–12 realm—reflects interviews with vendors who work with a wide range of library environments: Mandarin Library Automation, The Library Corporation (TLC), Innovative Interfaces, and Sirsi Corporation were asked to talk about current and future developments in library automation.

Jul/Aug 2005: Product Reviews

Deltora from Scholastic

A product review of Deltora, a Web site for ages 9-12 that supports the Deltora novels by Emily Rodda.

Differentiated Instruction: Success for Every Student

A review of Differentiated Instruction: Success for Every Student, a free online professional development resource.

Fractions with Professor Von Strudel

A product review of "Fractions with Professor Von Strudel," math software for grades 2-6.

NOVA: Charters of Freedom

A review of the companion Web site for the PBS/NOVA "Saving the National Treasures" television program.

Predictive Assessment Series

A review of Predictive Assessment Series, an assessment tool for K-12.

Jul/Aug 2005: Columns

EDITOR'S NOTES: A Resource for Your Summer Planning Time

CYBERBEE: Sensational Software on a Budget

Over the years, while creating content for the CyberBee Web site and constructing workshops for educators, Linda Joseph says she has invariably needed a software program to complete a specific task or to solve a particular problem. The programs described in this article are Linda's/CyberBee’s favorites for work and play.

THE PIPELINE: Small Size, Big Impact--Three Stories

Stephen Abram recounts several stories--under the headings "Tiny Gifts," "Tiny Libraries," and "Tiny Apps"--around the theme that small actions, or small technologies, can have a very large impact in the library and information world, and in the broader world as well.

THE MEDIA CENTER: Yes! You Should Create a Professional Portfolio

Media specialists enrolled in the online graduate course Mary Alice Anderson teaches are required to create electronic portfolios. They begin the process feeling uncertain and overwhelmed. They finish the process proud of their portfolios and of their accomplishments as media specialists. Even without the requirement of a class project, an electronic portfolio is a worthwhile pursuit. Mary Alice tells why ... and what, and how ... in this issue's Media Center.

LEARNING UNLEASHED!: More PR--Gaining Faculty Buy-In

This month, Trevor Shaw focuses again on the importance of the public relations aspect of his school’s tablet PC initiative—good PR gained largely through a substantive, all-faculty professional development day primarily planned and executed by the faculty themselves, that is.

Jul/Aug 2005: In the Spotlight

Mandarin Oasis

Mandarin Oasis is a centralized Web-based library management system that allows access to library resources through any workstation with a Web browser.
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